Metal + Jewelry

All classes held in the Art School Metals Studio.

  • Advanced Stone Setting • MJJD181L96

    Learn how to add professional stone setting to your jewelry designs and projects. Students will use drills, burrs, and gravers to fashion complex settings for round gemstones. Layout subjects include carreau (square), triangular, star, thread (stones aligned in a row), and the challenging pav&eac...

    Jason Dow  
    Mar. 3-Mar. 24
    Sat 1–6pm (4 sessions) Past_exhib_mj_1
  • Basic Jewelry • MJET181L97

    Gain a well-rounded, solid foundation in basic metalworking techniques such as soldering, piercing, forging, centrifugal casting, fabrication, and finishing. No class Mar 15 & 22 Where: All classes are held in the Art School Metals studio. Tools & Supplies: Silver and other metals ma...

    Evan Tottori  
    Jan. 25-May. 3
    Thu 6–9pm (13 sessions) Past_exhib_mj_2
  • Basic Metal Fabrication • MJKV181L98

    Anyone who wants to try metal fabrication should take this intro class. You will learn about sawing, piercing, texturing, filing, soldering, polishing and other fabrication techniques. This class also includes stone-setting techniques. Please bring your design or picture ideas with you to the f...

    Kaori Vaughn  
    Jan. 26-May. 4
    Fri 6-9pm (14 sessions) Past_exhib_full_class_image
  • Metals Lab Independent Open Studio

    Fall 2017 Schedule Tue 1-4pm: Sep 5–Dec 12 Thu 1–4pm: Sep 14–Oct 5 Fri 1–4pm: Oct 20–Dec 15 Sat 1–4pm: Nov 25– Dec 16 Sun 1–4pm: Sep 10–Dec 17 Spring 2018 Schedule Sun 1-4pm / Jan 21 – Apr 29, Not open on Mar 25Tue 1-4pm /...

    Sep. 5-Dec. 17
  • Basic Silver Jewelry Making • MJKV181L99

    Become familiar with basic jewelry-making tools such as hand files, saws, torches, flex shafts and more. Throughout the semester you will learn about designing, sawing, filing, soldering, stone setting, polishing and how to solve basic jewelry-making problems. This class will visit the museum ga...

    Kaori Vaughn  
    Jan. 23-May. 1
    Tue 9:30am–12:30pm (14 sessions) Past_exhib_full_class_image
  • Contemporary Jewelry • MJJS181L01

    Challenge yourself in this exploratory class that straddles the line between sculpture and adornment. Consider the body and its relation to the space it inhabits. Consider jewelry archetypes and their significance to the wearer—and to the viewer. Students will learn techniques to create jew...

    Juvana Soliven  
    Feb. 23-May. 1
    Tue 6–9pm (14 sessions) Past_exhib_canceled_class_image
  • Beginning Metalwork • MJSS181L00

    Emphasizing hands-on learning of practical, basic fabrication techniques, new students can choose from assorted project outlines to develop specific skills. Elements of design will also be discussed. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace and be inventive with their designs. Experience...

    Stacy Siu  
    Jan. 25-May. 3
    Thu 9:30am-12:30pm (14 sessions) Past_exhib_full_class_image
  • Hand Engraving • MJJD181L02

    Learn how to engrave by hand script lettering and ornamental patterns directly into metal.  This course is for the beginning engraver and will teach you how to set up and use basic engraving tools.  You will first learn to shape and sharpen your own chisels or "gravers".  Next, you...

    Jason Down  
    Feb. 3-Feb. 24
    Sat 1-6pm (4 sessions) Past_exhib_mj_7
  • Intermediate Metal Fabrication • MJKV181L03

    This class is for anyone who has already taken at least one metals class. You must know basic soldering, sawing, piercing, texturing, filing and polishing. You will learn how to resolve problems and how to translate your idea into an actual metal piece. Please bring your own designs to the first ...

    Kaori Vaughn  
    Jan. 26-May. 4
    Fri 9:30am–12:30pm (14 sessions) Past_exhib_full_class_image
  • Jewelry II • MJBC181L04

    Refine your soldering skills, go beyond bezel settings, finish those unfinished projects, and try something new. Some topics may include etching, various stone settings, and anticlastic and synclastic forming. Individual projects encouraged. Prerequisite: students should know basic skills and mu...

    Brenda Ching  
    Feb. 14-May. 2
    Wed 6–9pm (12 sessions) Past_exhib_mj_9
  • Shippo: Japanese Enameling (cloisonné) • MJKI181L05

    Sat 4–8pm & Sun 11am–4pm • Feb 3-4, 10-11 Learn the ancient art of shippo (“seven treasures”) to produce works with jewel-like enamel color on a base of metal or ceramic. Beginning projects include small boxes and accessories. Experienced students may have a chan...

    Kazuko Inomata  
    Feb. 3-Feb. 11
    Sat 4–8pm & Sun 11am–4pm ( 4 sessions) Past_exhib_full_class_image
  • Silver Clay • MJKI181L06

    You will create your own silver jewelry with silver clay, a new material. Silver Clay consists of binder and silver. Just like any other clay, it is easy to handle. Even those with no previous artistic experience can learn to mold complex shapes and designs. After the clay molded, it then goes ...

    Kazuko Innomata  
    Feb. 9-Feb. 9
    Fri 5–8pm (1 session) Past_exhib_full_class_image
  • Wax Carving/ Lost Wax Casting • MJJF181L07

    In this introductory class students will learn to use wax carving tools, sprue and tree strategies, and the investment and casting process. Develop you skills and expand your jewelry design horizons. No previous experience needed basic tool kits provided.   This class will visit the museum...

    Jim Friedman  
    Jan. 22-Apr. 30
    Mon 9am–noon (14 sessions) Past_exhib_mj_12
  • Wax Carving/ Lost Wax Casting 2 • MJJF181L08

    Students learn to use wax carving tools, sprue and tree strategies, and the investment and casting process. The class covers standard, advanced and experimental casting techniques, such as organics, mixed metal and stone in place casting. No previous experience is needed. Basic tool kits are prov...

    Jim Friedman  
    Jan. 22-Apr. 30
    Mon 6–9pm (14 sessions) Past_exhib_mj_13
  • アドバンスジュエリークラス • MJKV181L09

    指輪、ペンダントヘッド、イヤリング作りの基本は知っているけど、ストーンセティングやもうちょっと凝ったことがしてみたい。日本語で習えると楽なんだけどっと思っている方いらっしゃいませんか?そんな方にお薦めのアドバンスのジュエリークラスです。自分のデザインを生かしたオリジナルのジェリー作りに挑戦してみませんか。 This class is Advanced Jewelry Making for Japanese and English speakers.  Where: All classes are held in the Art School Metals studio....

    Kaori Vaughn  
    Jan. 21-Apr. 29
    Sun 9:30am–12:30pm (14 sessions) Past_exhib_mj_14